We apologise to you for being misunderstood.

We tend to overlook your lack of self control and for that we are sorry.

1 min readFeb 20, 2022


I’m sorry I jumped to the conclusion that I did.

I’m sorry that I didn’t hear you out before getting mad at you.

The addict in you has no control over yourself so I apologise for jumping to the conclusion that this was yet another slip up at your end.

I didn’t take into consideration that this is an illness that you’re struggling with and for that I am sorry.

I’m sorry for doubting you.

I’m sorry that I made you doubt your capability of wanting to sober up.

No one should make you feel that way but we don’t know what goes through your head, we don’t know how you feel and for that we are sorry.

We are sorry that you are misunderstood.

We are sorry that we’ve backed you in a corner and pointed fingers at you, not considering that you are surrounded by enablers.

Enablers who may not want to cause you harm yet still manage to misunderstand and exercise your illness.

We may not know how to say it or how to show it but we want you to be the best sobered up version of yourself.




Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way — Micheal Scott