Oh the honey chicken days.

My teenage years were mostly spent being bullied by everyone I came across. I didn’t know how to talk back, I still don’t to be honest but now I know how to draw boundaries. To tell people to bugger off when they’re not needed, actually I just choose to ignore them.

I’m horrible at confrontations.

I’m not writing this as an attack to myself so… moving on.

Oh those honey chicken and chocolate cake days.

That was one of the meals that my friends LOVED to have at my place. Actually the only thing they’d ask for is honey chicken every single time.

I met an old classmate 2 years back and to this day she was talking about how that chicken hit right. Damn what an impression it left.

Young, dumb and blindly ‘in love’ with our then boyfriends who we imagined to spend our lives with. What dreams we had.

The definition of love changes as you get older and I’m just living for that. You learn that you have to look inward rather than for another person to feel ‘LOVE’.

Nonetheless, I’m nostalgic for those days but I’d never go back and relive them. They live in my memory. A lot of them are bad ones but I try to choose the ones where we took silly pictures in my well lit vanity, gave our facebook albums weird names like ‘water pressure’ and pigged out on honey chicken and cake. Because that’s just what life was about.

For context — That’s when we discovered what water pressure masturbation. We were between the ages of 16–19.

Those were the days.