Nothing out of the ordinary is expected.

I’m trying to write a story to describe a man who would understand me in a practical way.

As we all know, there’s no such thing as perfect. You sacrifice, compromise and then come to a mutual agreement as to how life will be lived.

Now my bar is set extremely low due to the experiences I’ve had. I went through something awful recently which I’m still recovering from but life is a journey and we go through certain events to learn something and during that process we tend to lose people who we felt would play an important role in our lives.

I’ve mourned my loss and accepted that he and I just weren’t meant to be on the same path.

I sound like a broken record to myself and it’s so annoying because I’m just so done with it but unfortunately he embedded himself in me. I’m happy about his existence, he showed me what I don’t want in a person.

I don’t want to be rushed into something, I want to take at least 2 months or above to see if we have that compatibility to spend our lives together.

I don’t want him to agree in a millisecond that he’s ok with my decision to not want to carry children. I want him to sleep on it, maybe discuss it with his parents or make a pro and con list to give himself clarity.

I don’t want someone to only tell me that he wants me to sit back and let him spoil me, instead I want him to take action and show me. Those are empty words when there’s nothing to back up what is being said.

These things aren’t too much to ask for, right?

Step up, show me you’re willing to work for an ‘us’.

This is only the bare minimum of what is expected of a relationship.