My mother is a goddess

It was mother’s day today and everyone has been posting pictures on instagram. I didn’t upload a picture. I wished her but late in the afternoon, she was busy with an online class and I woke up in the afternoon. It was a Sunday so it’s justified.

Sunday is ‘Special Breakfast Day’ which consists of homemade French Toast with Maple Syrup and Nutella or Waffles with the same combination, with tea of course. Or chai as I like to call it.

We are in quarantine and yes people have lost track of what day it is but I look forward to Sundays. My mother makes me waffles, she doesn’t let anyone use the waffle maker, I mean I could if I wanted to but it makes it extra special when your mom does it for you. Don’t hate on me, they still baby me at home and I do take advantage of it. I mean why wouldn’t I.

Mom and I spend our afternoons together, we plomp ourselves on a sofa opposite each other and just sit there together roasting each other in a loving way or catching up with how her morning went, sipping our chai and munching on something that either her or I baked that day. That’s our special time together and both of us cherish it very much.

She’s a queen and there is nothing that she can’t do. I’m serious. She’s a problem solver and she doesn’t panic in situations where a normal person would be losing their shit.

She’s modest but honest to God, she’s a Goddess. She doesn’t like to leave the house but she gets everything done sitting on her favourite purple sofa which is her throne as my dad calls it.

Mama bakes the yummiest goodies. Name it and she can make it at home, I’m not even joking and everything gluten free. She loves experimenting with recipes too.

A regular person would perfect a recipe and stick to that but no, she’ll look for others and keep bettering herself, as it should be but who has the energy. We have cabinets full of recipe books, folders of printed recipes. And she has endless playlists on youtube of different categories of breads, cakes, the hardest of them all. Something a person wouldn’t even bother to think about, she’ll make it. Then again, she’s not a regular woman, she’s a Goddess.

She’s a fashion designer with a few workers in our basement stitching clothes. (not in a kidnappy way.)She designs furniture too, let’s call her Jack of all trade because let’s be honest, that is what she is. The mastermind behind it all.

All of us run to her for solutions to our problems, if she can’t fix it, no one can.

Ok, so maybe I could have gotten her flowers. I didn't make that effort, my bad but must there be only one day of the year to dedicate to your mother? I have my special chai time with her everyday. I don’t think Mothers Day should be THAT big of a thing. I do feel guilty because of the endless social media posts but it’s so annoying. I feel like I’m a bad daughter because I didn’t do anything for her. I know I’m not a bad daughter.

I’m overthinking for no reason.

To all you ladies and gentlemen who actually did something in person for their mother, good on you!

Others who just posted on social media for the world to see, call your mothers, leave them a message or send over flowers or something. Let her know physically rather than just virtually for the world to see.

ALSO, I deserve a mothers day present for the men-children I once knew. You know who you are, you just won’t be reading this.



Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way — Micheal Scott

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Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way — Micheal Scott