Nov 5, 2021

1 min read

It all happened for a reason.

As hard as a pill it was to swallow, it took me 7 long months to come to terms with all of it.

The long nights of contemplation, the daily endless social media stalking has all come to a halt. I was emotionally strong and not strong both at the same time.

It took so much energy out of me to keep going and to make sense of the shit show that my life had become. I kept trying to find a way to get through the obstacles that were present at the time so we could find a happily ever after but there was none.

We hurt each other and now you’ve left, it seems like you’ve left the country for good. And I think that’s a good thing.

Our paths hadn’t crossed earlier and they probably wouldn’t in the future either but at least I found my peace. I hope you have too.

As taxing as it all was, I found my place of contentment. I can breathe easily now.