I am ruined.

TW: Rape.

2 min readSep 12, 2020


Photo of me.

I wasn’t wearing clothes that exposed me, I was fully covered yet those men had no shame and still put their sickening bodies inside me and left me there to rot.

They have taken my respect and I can no longer function in society like a normal human being, I have been ruined, shamed in front of the world, in front of my children.

I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, I cannot breathe without having that shameful feeling that someone put themselves inside me forcefully and I was helpless.

I screamed and no one could hear me.

Did anyone even care?

Fight for me, raise your voices because I cannot. I have been ruined and now I am nothing.

I want to die but where will my children go? I cannot leave them in the hands of those who do not demand justice for what happened to me or those who are silenced every second of everyday.

Please fight for me and keep on fighting. Not just for me but for every helpless victim of these savages who do not consider us anything but an object of abuse.




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