Sep 26, 2021

1 min read

Chaos in a calm space.

There’s a lot of staticness in my life at the moment and I think that’s necessary considering all that has happened in the past few months. It was much needed.

I have been in overdrive for sure but now it’s time to take a breath and take it easy.

I’m so used to overthinking things that this silence is freaking me out.

My mind goes in a panic and says — I have nothing to worry about! And then I hush it down by saying — This is a good thing my love. There needs to be a gap in between the highs and lows of life.

I needed to stop chasing and worrying about wanting something that wasn’t mine to begin with. I realise now that God took him away from me for my betterment.

It took a lot of effort and ALL my energy to get him out of my system. I can’t say that it was the hardest thing I had to do up till now, it wasn’t. There have been worse situations in life and that’s ok. We’re always evolving and facing numerous challenges as we go through life. They keep knocking us down and we have to keep getting up.

That’s what life is.